Hey! I'm so pleased you are here and wanting to learn more about natural, lifestyle photography and how it could be great for your family.

It's those beautiful, candid moments within a family. The heartfelt kisses, cuddles and laughter that truly make my heart sing! It's these moments captured on camera, is the reason I love to do what I do.

A newborn photoshoot doesn't need to be in a studio

When you think of a Newborn photoshoot, what comes to mind? A tiny newborn baby curled up in the fetal position, swaddled in a blanket? Maybe tucked up in a teeny basket or on a beanbag with a super smooth background?

Yep! That's the first thought most people have, and that is certainly one type of newborn photography and one that many newborn photographers do brilliantly. This type of photoshoot usually takes place in a photography studio and the majority of the session is dedicated to the newborn baby, spending time settling them and ensuring that they are sleepy so that they can be carefully put in various positions.

However there is also another form of newborn photography that many people either aren't aware of or don't initially think about. What am I talking about? I'm talking about Lifestyle Newborn Photography or Baby Led Photography.

The natural beauty of 'baby led' photography

Baby led photography is really just that...baby led, or family led as I like to say. We are following the natural routine of what your baby is doing or what you would normally be doing as a family at home. These sessions are calm and relaxed. Or maybe gloriously loud and chaotic if siblings are involved! Whatever your family home usually feels like, or however you want your session to be, that is what it will be.

When your baby is sleeping, we will capture that whether it be in their moses basket or cuddled in your arms. If your baby needs feeding or comforting, we will capture that too.

These are real life moments that we are capturing, that wonderful baby bubble, and the memories that you will want to remember.

springer spaniel sniffing new baby during photoshoot at home
cream coloured baby nursery with sage green accessories
mum looking down at new baby in her arms
close up of baby grasping onto dad's finger

Expect to be in the photographs

Yes I said it! Be prepared to get in the photos. I know it is daunting to be in front of the camera at any time, let alone when you have just had a baby. But I promise you, you will not regret it. Yes we will photograph your baby on their own but remember you are part of this story too...a big part wouldn't you say?! 

I want you to look back at these photos and remember those wonderful first few days/weeks/months of when they were so small. Not just the way your baby looked but how it felt to hold them, the feeling of their tiny little hands clinging on to your finger, the way YOU looked at them. Not only do you get to look back and relive those memories but when your little baby grows up, they too can look back and see how much you loved them. Because guess what...you are in the photos! ❤️ It's okay, you can thank me later!

When is the best time to book

I like to think of these sessions as not just newborn photoshoots but BABY photoshoots. Your baby doesn't have to be fresh into the world and within a few days of being born. So many get caught up in their baby needing to be less than 2 weeks old. Sure, if you're wanting the style of photoshoot I mentioned at the start of this blog where they are swaddled in the fetal position, then yes there is a time limit on this.

Having said that, the beauty of a lifestyle baby photoshoot, is they can be anywhere up to 6 months old. Sometimes it is lovely when they are a little older as they have grown into their features a little more. 

It's always good to plan ahead and book your baby photoshoot in plenty of time as this gives you peace of mind knowing that you have secured your photoshoot with your chosen photographer. Many photographers can be booked up months in advance so if you have a particular photographer in mind, book ahead.

However if your baby is already here, it is never too late to capture those memories whatever stage of life they are in. 

Dog lying on sofa looking at camera during newborn photoshoot
Mum and Dad looking down at their new baby boy during photoshoot at their home in West Sussex
Baby boy lying asleep with his head resting in Dad's hands
Newborn baby boy asleep as Dad leans down to kiss him on the head

What to expect when you book with me

If you are organised and book your photoshoot with me before your baby is born, we will schedule in a proposed photoshoot date for around 1-2 weeks after your due date. This date is changeable to enable us to flex around when your baby actually arrives. I mean, your baby will arrive when he or she is good and ready!

Once you have booked, you will receive Your Baby Photography Guide from me which will include tips on what to wear and how to prepare for your session. I'll be on hand whenever you need me to ask me ALL the questions you may have, as and when you think of them. I love it when my clients send me photos of outfits they have just bought for their photoshoot or sneak peaks of the nursery!

On the day of your photoshoot, I'll ask you to give me a quick tour of your home so that I can seek out the best and most beautiful natural light for your photos. After that we'll go with the flow and be guided by what your baby is up to. I will give you some guidance throughout the photoshoot to enable us to get the best photographs, which may be to position you closer to a window where there is beautiful natural light or sit you closer together so we can get a gorgeous family photo.

If your baby has older siblings or pets, I like to get them involved too as I see it very much as a family photoshoot with a focus on the newest family member.

Ready to book?

If you are currently expecting a new arrival or have recently welcomed your new baby into your family, firstly, congratulations!

You can book a lifestyle baby photoshoot with me by either contacting me on amyclairebarnes.photography@gmail.com or alternatively you can view my availability and book your photoshoot directly online by clicking the below links.

I can't wait to get to know you and your family! Let's create some memories ❤️

Newborn baby boy sleep as Mum brings him up to kiss him on the head
Nursery accessories
Newborn baby boy asleep during photoshoot at home in West Sussex
Baby boy asleep in Dad's arms