Letting go of perfection

As a family photographer, the photos that make me smile from the inside out and make me FEEL something, are the one's which portray true emotion, character and an insight into what it feels like to be immersed in that particular family's daily life.

I love the natural family photos of children grinning wildly into the camera and laughing, babies being smothered with kisses from their mum or toddlers resting their tired head on their dad's shoulder whilst being carried back to the car.

The way to get these natural family photos is simple...you need to let go of perfection and what you see on your Instagram feed or Pinterest, and see the true beauty in your own family's every day moments. These moments are there all the time. It is these moments that you will want to look back on in 1, 5 or 20 years time and remember what your life FELT like at this point in time.

Mum with daughter cuddling
Girl smiling with Dad's arms around her
Family of four smiling in Family Portrait at home
Mum with son cuddling

Have fun!

Have you ever tried taking a photo of a child asking them nicely to smile at the camera and you immediately get that awkward grimace where they think they are smiling but they actually look like they are in pain. Or if you do manage to get a nice smile, you have about 0.5 seconds to take the photo otherwise their smile drops, their attention is taken in the opposite direction or you get silly faces instead. Yep! I feel your pain. Even as an experienced family photographer, my own children STILL do this with me.

The best and easiest way to get natural smiles from your children (and the grown-ups!) is to have fun. Play games, tell a joke, tickle them. Basically anything that takes their attention away from the fact that you are taking a (in their eyes, boring) photo of them.

Within all my family photoshoots, I have a number of prompts and games up my sleeve to make sure the whole family has a fun and enjoyable experience and I get LOTS of beautiful natural moments.

Dad carrying sleeping toddler
Family of four in outdoor family photoshoot in Sussex countryside
Boy facing away holding parents hands
Family laughing during outdoor family photoshoot in Sussex

Choosing the right family photographer for YOU

Right this is an important one. There are so many amazing family photographers for you to choose from and each and every one will have their own unique style and personality which will be important throughout your family photoshoot experience.

There are two main areas you need to consider, the family photographer work and their personality.

Their work

When choosing a family photographer that is right for you, I would first consider if their style of work speaks to you and what you can imagine on your own walls. Can you see your family in these photos? Is their style more posed or natural? Do you like their editing and the colours of their images?

Each family photographer will have their own style and it is important that you love their work and what you see from their portfolio.

Their personality

This is often overlooked, especially if you only seek recommendations from friends. What your friends are like and who they feel comfortable with may be completely different to you and what is right for your family.

Your family may be super energetic, love messing around and having lots of fun, which may mean you will feel more comfortable with a family photographer that has a similar personality. Alternatively, you may have children or a partner that are more introverted and still want to have fun but need a different approach in what that looks like in their family photoshoot and the type of family photographer that can get the best out of them and make them feel at ease to get those all important natural family photos.

Do your own research and ask to have a chat before booking. Most family photographers would love to get to know you and your family better and understand what you would like to get out of your family photoshoot.

Mum cuddling boy in Summer family photoshoot at Highdown Gardens
Dad carrying sleepy baby girl
Mum with two children laughing
Brother and sister cuddling and laughing in hammock

Family Photographer in Sussex

As a Sussex family photographer, I am truly spoilt for choice when it comes to photographing families in beautiful outdoor locations. From golden hour photoshoots on the beach to photographing children running through the grass in the countryside, Sussex is a wonderful location for your family photoshoot.

If this has inspired you to take more natural photos of your family (yay!) or if you can, book a family photographer so that the whole family can be in the photos. Take the photo, capture the moment. The imperfectly perfect moments, those are the ones you will treasure.

To book a family photoshoot with me, head over to my contact page and let's chat! I can't wait to meet you and your family 🩷