Outdoor Family Photoshoot in West Sussex

Vicki, Matt and their three daughters (oh...and Bonnie the dog of course!) came to their family photoshoot with heaps of energy and lots of laughs, which makes my job as their photographer very easy! It didn't take me long to work out that if I made one of the girls laugh, then that seemed to set the others off too.

Their photoshoot took place in the beautiful West Sussex countryside, in a quiet and secluded grass clearing surrounded by trees...and a few sheep in the distance.

I always try and make sure that I get shots of all the different relationships within a family such as the whole family together, Mum and children, Dad and children, Siblings together and so on, as well as capturing a mixture of portraits and lifestyle/documentary style photos.

If you would like to find out more about a relaxed, outdoor photoshoot for your family, I would love to hear from you! You can contact me on amyclairebarnes.photography@gmail.com

Young girl leaning against tree in outdoor family photoshoot by Amy Claire Barnes Photography
Three teenage sisters laying on a picnic blanket cuddled together laughing.
Family and their dog posed together and smiling for traditional portrait family photo in the Sussex countryside.
Mum and teenage daughters standing cuddled together for family photo.
Teenage daughter smiling up at her mum who has her arms wrapped around her.
Mum and daughter cuddling nose to nose during outdoor photoshoot.
Dad and his teenage daughters standing cuddled together during family photoshoot in Sussex.
Father and teenage daughter smiling at the camera with dads arms wrapped around his daughter.
Teenage girl smiling at the camera during portrait photoshoot in West Sussex.
Teenage girl leaning against a tree, smiling at the camera.
Two young girls smiling up at the camera during family photoshoot, whilst their dad sits behind smiling down at them.
Young girl laughing during family photoshoot as her dad sits behind tickling her and smiling down at her.
Young girl laughing up at the camera, whilst her dad and sister sit behind her smiling at each other during photoshoot.
Mum and Dad smile down at their daughter as she leans into them laughing during family photoshoot in Sussex.
Two sisters laying on picnic blanket cuddled up together during photoshoot with Amy Claire Barnes Photography.