A Girl's Best Friend

This is my first blog post and I had a hard choice deciding which photoshoot it should be on as I have loved so many but in the end, it could have been none other than this duo!

Joanna & Yoshi

Full disclosure...Joanna is my sister so I have known Yoshi since he was a puppy, named after Super Mario (yes his dad is called Mario). He is the most kind-hearted dog I have ever met and truly mans (or in my sisters case, a girl's) best friend.

He loves to chase trains and birds that are flying way up above him, even though there is absolutely not a chance of him getting close to catching them. Although I'm not entirely sure what he would do if he did ever catch up with them?!

A walk in the woods

Yoshi is now 15 years old so has slowed down a bit in recent years but still loves his walks in the woods. My sister asked for some photos of her and Yoshi for her new website, but they have turned out to be so much more than a website photo.

Their close bond really shines though in their photos and as you can see Joanna was lucky enough to get lots of wet kisses! I think Yoshi was slightly confused as to why we kept stopping and his mum was so close to his face...if in doubt, lick her face. 😆

Pet Photoshoot

If you too would like a pet photoshoot with your own furry family member, then please let know. I would love to hear all about them! ❤️ You can contact me on amyclairebarnes.photography@gmail.com